Knit hat montoge

These hats are perfect for chilly days! You can still chat on the phone or listen to music without even having to pull your phone out of your pocket. Plus,you don’t have to worry about headphone wires getting caught or tangled.

You just press a button on your hat and you are all set.

This premium hat includes:

• Bluetooth 4.0 for superior battery life and fewer dropped connections

• Amazing sound quality with adjustable speakers to allow for best positioning based on your head size and shape

• Removable electronics to allow you to easily wash the hat


• Easy to synch to your device (smartphone or tablet)

• Access Siri and Android Voice

• Pick up calls, disconnect calls, call the last number that called you

• Play music, advance songs,

• Adjust volume

Product Specifications

• Bluetooth 4.0 technology

• 5 hours of active use and 6 days of standby time

• Includes a USB charging cable

• 100% Polyester retains shape after washing


Adjustable Speakers Pockets

Knit speaker channel


Removable electronics for easy cleaning of the Hat.

Knit hat with stuff out